1. Data Centre Design

Data centers have remained consistently entrenched as the anchor point of the IT ecosystem for decades. All that time the focus on availability and uptime have been the entire scope of success. Today we find ourselves at a point of shift. A convergence of forces and expectations for IT to deliver applications and services at speed and scale are greater than ever. New demands have emerged around mobility, the Cloud and next-generation security that have dramatically increased the complexity of the data center planning and operation.

Our Data Center systems design and consulting services typically include:

  • Cabinet and rack layouts
  • Density planning
  • Data Center equipment layouts
  • Structured cabling system design
  • Pathway design and planning
  • Fiber backbone distribution frame design

Our standards-based designs incorporate a selection of the latest server/network cabinet technologies; including the option to use supplemental cooling, such as, air containment systems, in-row cooling and passive exhaust ducts within and above cabinets, in-cabinet cable management and monitored power distribution unit selection. Our designs utilize single-mode and OM-3/OM-4 multi-mode fiber, Cat-6 and Cat-6A (10Gig) UTP cabling as well as other available media. We design both under floor and overhead distribution systems to accommodate the environmental conditions of the data center. We address Top-of-Rack network design and SFP+ cabling systems, redundant SAN fabric infrastructure, and provide consideration for the migration to 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet as well as Passive Optical Networks.

We design data centre systems that:

  • Meet client’s budget.
  • Enable staff to successfully migrate to new facility.
  • Provide adaptable white space.
  • Support and enhance the architecture of the building.
  • Meet or exceed design-phase performance projections.

2. Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure remains one of the most important components of an organization’s technology operation. In order to achieve optimal performance, organizations must invest in robust, redundant designs in their core and peripheral networks. We assist organizations design and integrate the following network components:
- Core network design
- Corporate LAN design
- Voice network design
- Wide Area Network and Metropolitan LAN design

3. Deployments and Support

If one thinks of the IT service lifecycle as a continuum that begins with the efforts of IT to understand the services that the business needs and ends with those services operating in a production environment, then the Deliver Phase is the part of the continuum where the services are planned, designed, built, and deployed. It is also the part of the continuum where an infrastructure project or deployment of a packaged product are planned, designed, built, and deployed. And finally, it is the process through which any change must go, large or small. The degree of change rigor will depend on the nature and size of the change. Generally, standard changes—which are already known and tested—will move through the process more quickly than other sorts of changes, such as a minor, significant, or major change.

We understand the pains of deploying technology projects and we have chosen the best deployment methodologies that break down large complex projects into simple, easy to undertake steps:

- Envision
- Plan
- Build
- Stabilize or optimize
- Deploy

4. Audio visual and control room design

Our consultants have designed Audio/Visual systems in a number of different environments. From multimedia conference rooms to large-scale Sports and Recreation centers and complex Security Operations Centers (SOC). All of our designs are closely integrated with the activities of the Infrastructure and IT teams.

Our Audio/Visual systems design and consulting services typically include:
- Video and audio conferencing systems
- Multimedia conference rooms
- Experience centres
- Audio and video recording systems
- Video wall systems

Integrating people, process and technology.

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