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We assist clients identify practical, achievable and cost effective initiatives to achieve desired business objectives. Learn More.

Project Management

Organizations that invest in project management waste 13 times less money because their strategic initiatives are completed more successfully.Learn More.


We offer advisory services on Data Centre Design, Network infrastructure, Deployments and Support & Audio visual and control room design. Learn More.

Digital Transformation

Organizations that wish transform their businesses through adoption of relevant technologies must define a clear strategic roadmap. The roadmap helps organizations align their business objectives to new opportunities presented by advancements in technology. Learn More.


Oaknet Business Limited prides itself in offering advisory Services. Click the button below to view the full list.

Advisory Services

MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing)

We specialize in design and building modern tier 3 and 4 Data Centres. We work closely with our partners to bring our clients the best, purpose built designs that targets to achieve client budget constraints and growth plans. Learn More

Smart Buildings

Buildings that adopt the “Smart” Energy Management System and can achieve the aim of being an energy-efficient smart building by optimise and monitoring the energy consumption. Learn More.

Smart Cities

The question that needs to be answered is can smart cities be safer places for people to live and work? And what role does the advancement of technology and IoT have to play in delivering public safety. Learn More.

Public Security and Safety

The lessons learned from the big data revolution suggest that integration – exploiting the capabilities of a variety of interconnected systems in real time – offers far more value than standalone solutions in improving public safety. Learn More


We offer a wide variety of engineering service. Click the button below for the full list which is also displayed to your left.

Engineering Services


Businesses today must deliver services and products over the internet. We help your business interact with customers through simple web and phone applications that enhance customer experience. Learn More.

Big Data

Whether you already have a data lake or a datawarehouse, we can assist you develop a sound data analytics roadmap and put the pieces together in the journey towards meaningful data analytics. Learn More.

Smart Data Centres

The future of IT infrastructure from the Data Center to edge computing, has relied on the automation of devices to streamline and simplify IT admin tasks.Learn More

Control Rooms

The control room is the most important room in IT operations- it’s where daily decision-making affects corporate goals and return on plant assets. Integrative, individual and ergonomic control room design enables the operator to become a key part of the process. Learn More.

Internet Of Things

Data holds immense potential to reduce costs, increase efficiency, overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. But until the data is illuminated, its power remains untapped. The Lumada IoT platform delivers the most advanced capabilities available today to turn data into intelligent action. Learn More.


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Technology Services