Internet Of Things

Data holds immense potential to reduce costs, increase efficiency, overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. But until the data is illuminated, its power remains untapped. The Lumada IoT platform delivers the most advanced capabilities available today to turn data into intelligent action.

Hitachi has a collection of repeatable IoT building blocks that can be readily combined to meet the challenges you face today. Solution cores are modular, customizable, prevalidated elements. This means that when you work with us, we are already well along the path to the solution you need.

IoT Overview

  • Lumada seamlessly connects your IT and OT technologies for IoT success
  • Transform your industrial and commercial data into meaningful insight and outcomes

IoT Ecosystem

  • Our three-tiered IoT ecosystem includes platform, solution cores and co-creation services
  • Accelerate IoT solution creation to solve challenges and deliver the best outcomes

IoT Platform

  • Build and innovate solutions using the intelligent, composable, flexible IoT platform with AI, analytics and asset avatars 
  • Choose on-premises or cloud deployment to support medium and large-scale industrial IoT solutions

Solution Cores

  • Combine and customize Hitachi’s prevalidated, repeatable, IoT building blocks to meet your specific requirements
  • Shorten time to value by delivering actionable insights

Hitachi IoT Appliance

  • Accelerate and simplify IOT solution creation with Lumada IoT software via a preconfigured, pretested appliance
  • Achieve faster time to value with lower risk on an enterprise-proven solution

Co-creation Services

  • Amplify and accelerate your IoT expertise, with Hitachi and partners, to co-create and tailor innovative solutions
  • Build better results through comprehensive services and support that intelligently balance customization and quick delivery

Integrating people, process & technology.

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