Public Safety and Security

Technology tackling crime.

Public Safety and Security.

Security and public safety begins with connected intelligence. Empower officers and first responders with situational awareness and intelligence tools for smarter crime response, investigations and prevention. When asked what areas needed to be addressed to realize the ‘Smart City’ goal, 22% of the responses had to do with physical development initiatives, including urban construction projects and enhancing or expanding transportation infrastructure. The advancement of Internet and IT capabilities was also high on the list, with a 17% response rate.
A staggering 95% of respondents rated the role of technology in ensuring public safety as Important or Very Important. The public safety technology that most plan to invest in over the next two years is surveillance, followed by big data analytics, and mobile and network technology . Indeed, the convergence of all three offers tremendous scope for improving both safety and security in modern cities.
The lessons learned from the big data revolution suggest that integration – exploiting the capabilities of a variety of interconnected systems in real time – offers far more value than standalone solutions in improving public safety

Integrating people, process & technology.

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