Technology Services.


Businesses today must deliver services and products over the internet. We help your business interact with customers through simple web and phone applications that enhance customer experience.

Big Data.

Whether you already have a data lake or a datawarehouse, we can assist you develop a sound data analytics roadmap and put the pieces together in the journey towards meaningful data analytics.

Smart Data Centres

The future of IT infrastructure from the Data Center to edge computing, has relied on the automation of devices to streamline and simplify IT admin tasks.

Control Rooms

The control room is the most important room in IT operations- it’s where daily decision-making affects corporate goals and return on plant assets. Integrative, individual and ergonomic control room design enables the operator to become a key part of the process.

Internet Of Things

Data holds immense potential to reduce costs, increase efficiency, overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. But until the data is illuminated, its power remains untapped. The Lumada IoT platform delivers the most advanced capabilities available today to turn data into intelligent action.